Community House

Enjoy the Community House year round!!

This is the view from your bedroom window.

Imagine being able to camp out in your backyard with the kids. S’mores included. Memories to last a lifetime.

On Your Mark

Start your weekend mornings cheering on the little rascals on our youth swim team by the pool. They have a blast and typically win (so there are smiling faces!).

The best muffins. Ever.

No need to drive to coffee in the morning. Take a brisk walk, hop on a bike or jog with your dog straight to the Community House’s Cafe. You can even come in your PJs - no one is judging!


Cheer these guys on from the lazy river (but we hope you don’t mind getting splashed). You’ll feel like family here at MillBridge - one of the little sisters might even jump into your arms.

Work out before the kids are off to school.

We know you love the fitness center but sometimes you need a good outdoor run (with a buddy). There are plenty of fitness clubs to join in the MillBridge Community, like this early-morning running club.

Fun for everyone.

What’s better than an ice cream social? One where you don’t have to host it (or clean up)! The Community House is home to many events throughout the year. Come one, come all!

At least they're worn out.

Can you even stand those adorable smiles? The snack bar around the corner may have something to do with it.

Boys will be boys.

Picture yourself exploring the trails of MillBridge on a Sunday afternoon. Or watching the sunset from the crackling creeks...

Colring At the Cafe

Kids at Work

Wild and crazy kids.

Well, schools out. But there’s a playground to send them to!

Morning blend.

Got milk (or coffee)? The Cafe is the perfect place to catch up on emails, chat with your neighbors or sit and have the kids do homework. What a great change of pace!

A beautiful day for a swing!

The MillBridge playground is a very active place all year round.

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