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3 Health Tips (and Q&A) from MillBridge Resident Rod Redzanic

January is health & wellness month here at MillBridge, so who better to speak with then resident and fitness guru Rod Redzanic. In addition to learning about Rod, his family, and his fitness business, Rod is going to give you some tips to staying healthy in 2019!  


Q: Hi, Rod! Tell your neighbors a little about yourself. 

A: I was born and raised near Pittsburgh, PA and moved to South Florida in 1999, where I met my wife! We moved to this area in August of 2017 with our two daughters, Addison who is nine, and Avery who is six. I founded B.E.A.S.T Fitness in Delray Beach, FL and was the owner and lead trainer for nine years until selling the business to relocate to NC. I also studied many methods of nutrient intake and nutrient timing, including Carb Cycling, Intermittent Fasting and IIFYM–Macros, which lead me to develop a combined fitness and nutrition plan customized to individuals’ macro count. This plan is now available to clients on-line and as part of my Rodzilla Fitness brand. I have recently been recognized as one of six Team Isagenix Athlete Ambassadors for 2019. This is an elite group of athletes and fitness professionals who use and recommend the superfood nutrition, Isagenix. 


Q: That’s fantastic. Tell us a bit more about your work.  

A: I graduated with my M.B.A in Business & Finance and worked in this area for years. My passion and ‘side gig’ has always been fitness and training. I constantly sought out ways to keep it going, fitting it in to the pockets of my day. When I started my health business, it was initially a hobby, but after the 2009 crash I was laid off and that was when I decided it was time to make my work and career about my passions, FITNESS and HEALTH. I truly feel what differentiates me from others is my creativity when it comes to designing workouts. I am very energetic and love to help people exceed what they thought possible, encouraging them, never intimidating them. Since my work is also my passion, it shows through the energy I give to others when I work with them; it is second to none. 


Q: If you could give your residents 3-tips to staying healthy what would they be?  

  1. NUTRITION– Regardless of what type of training you are doing or into, 80% of your results will depend on your nutrition. Most people lack true nutrients within their diet. Simply cutting calories is just not the way to go. Our bodies need minerals, vital superfood supplementation and all the macronutrients to thrive. Proper hydration is also KEY to achieving results and overall health. 
  2. TRAINING–Know the right type of training for YOUR body! If you continue to do the same type of workouts over and over your body will acclimate and not change. It is not about more and more cardio when trying to drop weight, it is the correct balance of strength training, cardio training, core training, mobility work & recovery to achieve total fitness. I can honestly say that one thing that separates myself from others is my diversity, innovation & creativity with my clients. 
  3. MINDSET–To achieve your fitness goals in 2019 or any year it’s all about mindset, mind over body. A fun, exciting and motivational way to do this is to set goals, small and large, for yourself. Set up weekly goals (Example: Cut out a bad habit, such as late night snacking), set monthly goals (Examples: Run a mile without stopping, lose six to eight pounds or be in the gym four days a week), set six month goals that have a timeline that motivates you (Example: Get ready for boating season, pool season, a vacation or a big social event), and finally, set a yearly goal with a specific outcome of what you wish to achieve by year end. Then when you hit these goals reward yourself because YOU DID IT!! 

Q: That’s very helpful. Thanks, Rod. How long have you been at MillBridge? Do you enjoy leaving here?  

A: We moved to MillBridge in August 2017 and rented for 11 months. We built a home and officially became MillBridge homeowners in August 2018. What I enjoy most is the true sense of community that MillBridge offers. I love getting to know the neighbors and value how supportive people have been to one another. It definitely is a special place with special people. 

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with your neighbors?  

A: I am currently working on finding a local location for Rodzilla Fitness. So, keep an eye out for Group Training Classes, Personal Training, and Nutritional Coaching right in Waxhaw, and if you mention this article you will receive up to 10% off of our services!




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