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Community Spotlight: The Mantovani Family

If you haven’t noticed, this month has had an international twist to things here at MillBridge. Which is why we are highlighting one of our neighbors who has recently moved here from the southern part of Brazil! Have you met the Mantovani’s yet? Here’s Aline!


Tell us about Brazil! How did you end up at MillBridge?

Brazil is a very big country! We used to live in one of the southern states of country, near Argentina. Really far from here! The weather there is similar to that of North Carolina, but the seasons are reversed. Recently we moved to the US, just 5 months ago, straight to Waxhaw. Brazil is a country with a diverse and very beautiful landscape, many different cultures and a usually cheerful people. Unfortunately, the country is undergoing a long political-economic turbulence, with no sight of improvement in the short term. We have two daughters, Isabella and Marianna, 12 and 15 years old. So, after thinking hard, we decided to move and raise our daughters in a more stable place, where values are the same as we believe.


What do you miss most about Brazil?

We get a little homesick. Not being able to see our extended family and old friends is the hard part. The internet has helped a lot though! Leaving my job was also an arduous process. Food, school, language (we speak Portuguese in Brazil), the culture as a whole here, is different, but with all the technology available today, a lot was already part of our lives there and made it easier to live through these changes. We have reinvented ourselves. It’s very interesting!


Tell us about your family!

It’s me, Rodrigo, the girls and a 1-year old mini schnauzer named Schultz. We always like to travel and see new places, meet new people. As descendants of Italy, we also love trying new foods! It was on a trip that we started thinking about a different future. In Brazil I have always worked as a pediatrician in the office and taking turns in the pediatric ICU. My husband is a pediatric orthopedist. He has treated many special kids in his office. This led us to develop support campaigns for these families outside our work environment, involving our family and the whole community.

Now, here, we are still organizing what our life will be like. We’re taking some classes and adapting ourselves. Probably one of us will continue in the health area. But we also want to start a small business because Waxhaw has room for many new possibilities. We’re even accepting suggestions! The girls are studying at Cuthbertson Middle and High School. They have always had dance lessons in Brazil, but now they are thinking of new activities. One of them is already doing gym classes and loving it!


What do you like most about MillBridge?

Ever since we decided to come to North Carolina we’ve kept in touch with a realtor. He sent us many available options, but MillBridge interested us more from the start. Because it’s a big neighborhood with lots of families like ours. Good schools, close to downtown and not too far from almost everything. It was exactly what we wanted. We already know great people who live here! I have no doubt that it was a good choice.


Anything else you’d like to share with your new neighbors?

Perhaps the biggest reason for our move to the US has been the pursuit of more security to raise our daughters, and I feel that tranquility here.


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