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Community Spotlight: Q&A with MillBridge’s Mike & Kaitlyn Dorval

The MillBridge community is active and inviting, making it the perfect setting to raise a family. Mike and Kaitlyn recently moved to MillBridge to raise their own family, and are the featured guests of today’s community spotlight. Get to know a little about them here, including their love for Disney and their two-year-old girl. Then, introduce yourself the next time you see them in the neighborhood. They are excited to meet all of you!
Q: Tell us a little more about yourselves. Where are you from? How did you meet?
A: We are from New England. I (Mike) am from Massachusetts and my wife, Kaitlyn, is from Connecticut. We met while attending school in Boston. We both worked at Applebee’s and our first “date” was to a bar in South Boston called Shenanigans for some drinks after work one night.

Q: What do you do for a living?
A: I am a Systems Engineer at Wells Fargo and Kaitlyn is an ICU nurse.

Q: And what about your fun and/or interesting hobbies?
A: I am an avid golfer whenever I can get out there. When Kaitlyn has spare time outside of being a mom, she enjoys hiking and DIY furniture rehab projects.

Q: Where do you like to vacation?
A: We have enjoyed spending some time in the White Mountains up in New Hampshire, and are frequent visitors to Disney World. We also love the beach.

Q: Why did you select MillBridge? Are you enjoying yourselves?
A: We were looking for some new construction south of Uptown and the amenities at MillBridge spoke for themselves. Additionally, Waxhaw has that small town feel while being close enough to Charlotte, as well as great school systems. It seems like an overall great place to raise our children. We have only been here a few weeks, but so far everyone we’ve met has been nice and extremely welcoming.

Q: Who was your builder and what do you like most about your house?
A: Our builder is Lennar and, I have to say, they have been nothing short of amazing so far. Any time I have had a question or needed something, they were ready to help as soon as possible.

Q: Have you taken advantage of the community’s amenities and lifestyle activities?
A: So far, we’ve enjoyed bringing our kids to the park. We plan to attend some upcoming activities.  

Q: Tell us more about your kids!
A: We have a two-year-old daughter, Emma, and a four-month-old son, Rory. Emma is soon-to-be three (going on 13) and is an amazing little human. She has an incredible imagination, quite the attitude and a mind of her own. She loves being a big sister to Rory, as well as all things princess, pink, dancing and, of course, Disney!

Q: What is one thing most people don’t know about either of you? Or a fun/interesting fact/skill or talent? 
A: I used to work at Disney World and, before my wife and I met, she’d only been to Disney twice in her life. Now we go at least twice a year. 

Q: What else would you like your neighbors to know about you?
A: We are brand new to the neighborhood and always looking to meet new people!

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