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Community Spotlight: Rebecca Moxley

I think we can agree that one of MillBridge’s best attributes is its amenities and lifestyle programs, right? That’s why our new lifestyle director, Rebecca Moxley, is such an integral part of our community. If you haven’t met her already, get to know a little better via our community spotlight below!


Tell us a bit about yourself, Rebecca.

I am Rebecca Moxley, a 24-year-old native from Dallas, North Carolina. I am a recent graduate from Lenoir Rhyne University where I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. While I was at Lenoir Rhyne I spent my days cheering on the Bear’s football and basketball team as well as competing in Daytona, Florida at the NCA (National Cheerleading Association) Collegiate Nationals. I am also a sister of the Delta Zeta Sorority where I currently serve as an alumni member. I am a dog mom to my sweet rescue Milo and we love to spend our time watching movies and playing outside! I also love to spend my time doing anything DIY as well as anything that will put me outside. I grew up doing beauty pageants, dance competitions, AAU softball and racing quads. I like to think as myself as well rounded and am always up for a challenge. I am a huge football fan and love my Dallas Cowboys. I love to meet new people and participate in anything that will get me out and about!


What’s your favorite part of your job?

Although I am still new at my job I must say that my favorite part of my job is getting to interact with all the people here at MillBridge! Along with that I love that this job lets me put my creativity to use and allows me to be as hands on as possible! I love to create or recreate things and this job has allowed me to do so!


What do you like most about the MillBridge community?

This MillBridge community is wonderful. I have met so many wonderful people who have made me feel right at home. I also love that everyone in this community is so very different and have something different things to offer. Everyone has been giving me so much knowledge about every aspect of life that I would have never received had I not come to MillBridge! The most important part of what I love about this community is that everyone has welcomed me with open arms and has made this transition so much easier!


Are there any new and exciting things you’d like to share with the community?

This community has already noticed a lot of my new and exciting things that I have on my list. My biggest thing was bringing some new events that would get MillBridge more involved with each other and allow them to get to know their neighbors a little better. My plan is to keep that up along with keeping up some of the traditional events that always bring out a fun crowd! So I would just like MillBridge to know that I intend on having a good mix of the new and the traditional so that we can keep everyone happy!


What else would you like to share with MillBridge residents?

I would like all the residents to know that I absolutely love working with everyone here. They all mean so much to me and I hope I am making them just as happy as they are making me. Also, I would love for everyone to know that if you have an idea feel free to share it with me. I love new ideas and I am always open to giving new things a solid try to see how they will work for this community.







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