About Landeavor

Decades of industry experience acquiring and developing master-planned communities

Landeavor, LLC, is a full-service real estate development company specializing in master-planned residential communities. Landeavor was launched in 2007 with the purpose of filling a significant void in the marketplace—a company in troubled economic times that had both real estate operating experience and the backing of strong capital resources. That goal was achieved and now, through successful investment and disciplined underwriting, Landeavor has acquired over $130 million of land and operates in five states and eight distinct markets.

Landeavor’s mission is to maximize the value of land and to generate superior risk-adjusted returns. To achieve this, the company targets and adds the greatest value to master—planned residential and resort developments in high-growth primary home markets and established second home and resort markets. It seeks land tracts with unique competitive advantages located in high demand markets with substantial barriers to supply.

Landeavor seeks to minimize risk and maximize value and return through:

  • Strategic identification and acquisition of land
  • Disciplined due diligence and underwriting
  • Optimal entitlement of land uses and densities
  • Comprehensive consumer research prior to planning and development
  • Meticulous operational and development budgeting
Explore more about the Landeavor story by visiting its website, www.landeavor.com.

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