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Building the Nest

Why MillBridge? Building the Nest

Everyone understands the importance of nesting: the challenges and opportunities that raising a family presents. Whether you’ve already welcomed baby birds into yours or plan to do so in the future, MillBridge is the perfect community to make it happen.
No one said building a nest would be easy: Young adults gain a new appreciation for their parents’ hard work when the task falls to them. Many empty nesters have built and rebuilt their nests as life changes and kids grow older. Choosing the right place to make your home, gathering the necessary components of stability, and turning your dream into a reality is hard, delicate work. Whatever combination of goal-setting, resource accumulation and dumb luck made you a “nester,” it’s now your most important life track.
Nests are material, but they’re also emotional. Children should be surrounded with physical security as well as the values, lessons, and experiences you believe will mold them into fine adults. Building a nest is about providing a framework for living as curious, respectful, dynamic and well-rounded people.

Here are a few reasons why MillBridge is the ideal place to build your nest:
Proximity to Great Schools
Waxhaw is home to highly ranked North Carolina public schools, and a wealth of private and parochial options nearby give families the choice of where to send their children. From pre-K to nationally recognized colleges and universities, a top-notch education is attainable in your backyard.

The Home of Your Dreams
Home construction is smarter, plusher and more customized than ever before. MillBridge homes are made to reflect the unique needs of the families that inhabit them. Homeowners harness the power of technology to make everyday household tasks easier than ever, while the classic Southern design pays abundant tribute to history and tradition.

A Lively, Supportive Community
Young families depend on a network of other young families. The Community House is a buzzing hive of learning and recreation that fosters this network in real life. Whether you need to unwind with fellow young moms or motivate your children in our homework lab, growth and development are part of the MillBridge DNA.
Space to Play and Learn
In an age when children spend their hours glued to computer and mobile screens, unstructured outdoor play is a disappearing commodity. MillBridge’s access to miles of trails, a marvelous playground, Pool Pavilion and sports facilities give kids a backdrop for genuine adventures. MillBridge provides space for young kids to play outside and make a network of friends across the street and down the block.
Young nesters have a multitude of questions and concerns to juggle: Is my family eating the healthiest food? Does our school district make the grade? Will my home be big enough when my babies become teenagers? Choosing MillBridge puts many of these questions to rest so you can focus on the business of nesting.

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